Revolutionary rehabilitation device for seniors

We are in an EU-funded partnership consortium of innovative rehabilitation solutions including:

  • University Hospital in Geneva,
  • Schön Klinik Bad Aibling, Germany
  • Zuid Zorg Senior Activation Centre, the Netherlands
  • Technological Universites of Munich and Copenhagen
  • Large companies: Philips, ArjoHuntleigh




I am active – I am fit!

A strong body is the key to independence. When you start training with activLife, you will see improved well-being. In turn, better health is a reward for regular exercises.

Exercises with activLife allow you walking and enjoying your outdoor activity without the fear of falling.

Exercises will never get you bored!

Our exercises are fun. The greater variety of games are, the more flexible and efficient your body and mind are. Every day you are getting stronger and stronger, and you overcome the next level of the games. Due to a number of capabilities of activLife, each training will be a pleasure, and not just a gymnastic routine.

activLife is an easy and safe device for exercises.

Squats and abdomen muscles training will be easy. activLife supports your training taking your abilities into account. Our unique GymUp technology takes care of that. Our device is tailor-made, because we know that proper adjustment is a guarantee of safety.

Body and mind training

Brain training keeps your memory in good condition. Mental and physical wellbeing gives you independent and autonomous life. Scientists proved that SIMULTANEUOUS mind and body training is more efficient than two separate ones.

The investment in health is the best you can do for yourself.

activLife uniqueness:

  • It strengthens the body parts essential for walking.
  • Exercising balance keeps you safe from fear of falling.
  • No pain, no knees overloading while performing squats.
  • Exercising in upright positions strengthens your spine more than your daily walk.
  • Clinical tests proved that our games comprehensively support mental processes.
  • Stay active with your personal activLife at home!

activLife is not only relaxation, joy and good fun; this is healthy!