Revolutionary rehabilitation device for a senior


patented exercises supporting system

Balance training

always in the safe position

Solid metal construction

makes you safe during exercises

Specialized training of legs and abdomen

keeps the fear of falling away while walking

You play on your own computer

and use a TV for your convenience

Exercises at home

mobile, easy to set and store equipment


you can monitor your progress

Base of diverse games

you always have fun

Technical specification

  1. Mobile base
  2. GymUp lifting mechanism
  3. Safe corset with the seat
  4. GymUp levers
  5. Hand grip with GymUp lock releaser

The device includes gaming software - a perpetual license.

activLife user manual

Neuroforma user manual

Technical description

weight 40 - 45kg
length max. 120 cm
width max. 80 cm
height max. 120 cm